Electric Department

The City maintains a power-generating capability that allows a degree of independence from the main power grid. Approximately 30 days of fuel is kept in reserve.

The City of La Junta is a member of the Arkansas River Power Authority and through this association purchases power from Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) and West Plains at a cheaper rate than cost of generation would be. The Electric Department maintains generating equipment as back up in case of outage from the main suppliers.


The Power Plant is charged with a 15 minute response time in the event of backup requirements.


The Electric Department is responsible for maintaining all of the power plant equipment, power lines and transformers.


The City of La Junta is a member of the Arkansas River Power Authority(ARPA).


Contact: Rick Miell or Ruben DeLeon (719)384-8454


Electric rates:


Utilities policies/rates revised 01/2018


Utility Rates Flyer revised 01/2018


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If you require more information about rates and billing than is contained in the rate schedule, please  contact the Utilities Office at 384-2546.